Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month

Today is Armistice Day. With poppies displayed we observed the two minutes of silence at 11 o'clock.

We remember those who fought in two World Wars. We also remember those who fought in other wars, and for those who fought - and are still fighting - to keep the peace.

Landmines kill serving British soldiers.

Corporal Sarah Bryant, the first female UK soldier to die in Afghanistan was killed when her land rover drove over a landmine. In June Thirty four soldiers had died this way so far out of 110. Since then 13 out of 17 deaths have been by landmines.

A soldier was killed by a "legacy" antipersonnel mine thought to be left over from the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan 1979-1989.

Corporal Mark Wright was killed trying to help an injured colleague in a minefield and a helicopter triggered a mine.

The first British injuries in the Helmland province were caused by a landmine.

The US press says that landmines are the greatest danger to troops in Iraq. The BBC says that landmines are the greatest threat to troops in Afghanistan.

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