Monday, 6 October 2008

Location filming - not for wimps

Lois here, giving you the inside track on the Heroes for Halo shoot.

The location was Shoreham-by-Sea beach. If anyone had told me it wasn't going to be like the beach at St Tropez with the nice walkways and the waiters ready to carry one to a sunbed I would have worn my Cath Kidson wellies. In fact, not only was it not a lovely sandy beach, but the wind was horrendous - I was a second away from losing my Philip Treacy! I whipped out my trusty handy cam to take some shots of the kite riders, who didn't seem to mind braving the elements.

I found darling Dr Stu, who does my botox for me, all dressed up in his superman costume and ready to go out on the water. After the usual round of mwah-mwah air kissing he introduced me to Michelangelo, the creative director for the project and they updated me.

It was all so exciting!

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