Monday, 6 October 2008

I need a hero!

Lois here, filling you in on some breaking news.

I got the scoop that some daredevils were going to break the world kite surfing record and raise £100k for a charity in the process. I think it's important for renowned reporters such as me to support good causes, especially good-looking ones in tight wetsuits, so I trotted off to see their training session.

I rocked up to a teeny little cafĂ© in Shoreham-by-Sea (and let me tell you that it’s a myth that you can’t get a decent cappuccino outside the M25). Inside was a marvellous mix of Londoners getting their caffeine fix:

and a set of active kite surfer types who were having a healthy breakfast after early morning boarding action.

I was introduced to (in efficient alphabetical order): Andrew, Andrew, David, Hugh, James, Jez, John, John, Kevin, Liz, Lynette, Martyn, Melinda, Mike, Natasha, Rachel, Stuart, Stuart, and Susanne who were all lovely and deserve a big hello (apart from the awful woman who wouldn't let me have my second espresso until I'd signed her permission form!)
I was having a lovely chat with another media person; a nice man from Extreme Facilities who, like me, has worked for big media players such as CNN, the BBC and Ant & Dec. We were getting along like a house on fire until the bossy woman with the clipboard told me it was time to go to the beach. A post on that to follow.

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